Are you ready?

There are many things to consider when preparing to sell your home, and the more prepared you are for the journey, the easier it will be. Here are some basics to consider:

Presentation is everything

You'd be amazed at the difference "cosmetic" improvements can make in how buyers react to our home. So you may want to spend some time sprucing up your home with paint and landscaping as well as taking care of necessary repairs you may have been avoiding. This not only will help you get the very best price, but may help you get an offer sooner.

First impressions are vitally important

How often have you heard someone say , "My gut reaction was really good or really bad? Generally you want to have some control over the first impression that buyers have. You create a great first impression if the lawn is well cared for, or in winter, the driveway is plowed and the walkways clear. A seasonal door decoration adds warmth and a friendly welcome.

Remove all clutter

Whether it's your closet, the basement, or main living areas. Keeping all areas free of accumulated clutter makes your home more spacious and appealing to the potential buyer, who therefore perceives it as worth more. So toss out, give away and hold that garage sale now, before your house goes on the market.

Keep things light and bright

Keep as many lights on as possible and open the drapes to let the sun in. Well-lit rooms look larger and give visitors a more positive feeling. Clean windows also help.

The value of placing a lock box on your home

A lock box is a key storage system placed on an entrance to your home that is accessible only by active, licensed real estate agents. With today technology, most lock boxes allow us to know which sales agent showed your house and when. A lock box allows sales agents to show your home when you're not there, without having to go to the listing sales agents office to obtain (and later return) the key. By making it more convenient for the real estate agents to show your home, it will be viewed by a greater number of buyers.
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